Begravelse for Peter Bo Bohsen

Peter havde et stort netværk, og da flere måske ikke har mulighed for at deltage ved begravelsen, streames det her.

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Peter had an international network and some may be interested in following his funeral. The service will be in Danish and will be streamed from this site.





Ser du med fra Danmark og vil støtte Peters hjertesag:

Peter brændte for eleverne på Vejlefjordskolen og har altid gerne villet hjælpe hvor han kunne, så i stedet for evt. store buketter til begravelsen (19. Juli kl 14.00 på Vejlefjordskolen) ser jeg hellere små buketter, gerne fra haven og så evt. en donation til Peters hjertesag, som er at gøre det muligt for trængende elever at få en gymnasieuddannelse på Vejlefjordskolen.

Pengene kan sendes til Vejlefjordskolens MobilePay 40523 mærk betalingen ”Peter”. Har man ikke MobilePay kan pengene overføres til skolens konto Reg. nr: 9402 Konto nr. 0006012647.

International donations:

For international donations the TED has set up a justgiving page. We will then forward all donations via the Danish Union. Although it is in UK£ it is probably the cheapest way to make an international donation.…/Peter-Bo-Bohsen-in-memory

We are extremely sad to announce the death of Peter-Bo Bohsen, age 50. After many months of struggling with a serious heart condition, Peter’s heart gave up the struggle on Thursday, 8 July 2021. He slipped quietly and painlessly away and is now at peace.

As well as being an innovative and well loved Pathfinder director, Peter was passionate about the students at Vejlefjordskolen in Denmark and always wanted to help where he could. The family are suggesting that rather than big bouquets of flowers, that they would prefer a donation to a cause close to Peter’s heart: to enable needy students to get a good education at the school. Read full obituary

Danish residents – Please do not donate here but use the Danish links in the full obituary. Thanks.